Synergy Wellness & Back Pain Associates

Dr. Johnson has been licensed and practicing New Jersey Chiropractic Physician in New Jersey since 1980.

Welcome to website. I want to briefly describe my practice so that you can make an educated gut instinct choice on choosing our office for your care!
My practice has one goal, to properly diagnose and treat spinal vertebral related injuries. Whether their sprains strains of daily life activity, or serious trauma injuries such as fall's , workers compensation, and auto related traumas. We offer rehab core exercising, as well as nutritional and diet recommendation's to our patient's. We utilizes the most advanced therapies and modalities available such as: axial and flexion distraction traction therapy, as well as cold laser, muscle stimulation, hot packs, G-5 massage, and multiple adjustment techniques. for herniated and bulge disc's including low force activator, and traditional manipulation, and active release techniques, kinesio-taping, for spine shoulder and extremity injuries.Our patient's include triathletes, marathon runner's half and full Iron Man recipient's. I examine my patient's from the feet up! We digitally cast and supply custom casted orthotic's too ALL patient's whose scans indicate structural imbalnces effecting normal spinal integrity.Most insurances reimburse for orthotics.

When multiple injuries require interprofession referrals my list of top Bergen county pracicitioners include neurology, pain management, orthopedic, and we offer massage in office and accupuncture. My patient's respect this multi-specialty aspect of my practice because there assured best outcome recovery for their injuries or health conditions.

Welcome to my world, I look forward to helping you get out of pain quickly, and prevent re-occurrence by resolving the cause of your pain by not treating the symptom or band-aiding you with failed overextended use of over the counter, or prescription med's which have/failed. There's never a shortage of TV subliminally hypnotizing commercial's promising to cure every ailment known to mankind! I look forward to helping you. Dr. J.

DoctorJoseph Johnson, D.C.

1978 graduate of New York Chiropractic College with 30 years of service in the health care field.

Active licensed Chiropractic Physician in N.J and N.Y.

Diplomat American Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Board Certified Manipulation Under anesthesis; NYCC; 7-31-1995. Hospitol privilages and protocol NYCC 9-24-1994,

Past Member New Jersey Police Benevolent Physicians Association 9-11-2001-2004.